Single Application
To Multi-Lender
Consumer Finance

Embedded Consumer Finance Platform For
Non-Food Retailers.

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One short application,
and multiple offers available
in 3 minutes to boost your sales and customer loyalty

JO1N is a platform with several lenders inside, that are ready to finance almost any in-store or online purchase of your customers.

This is JO1N. This is the power of choice.

Our Simple Magic

Single application

Customer fills out a single application with store’s representative or online

Multiple offers

Within 3 minutes multiple financing offers appear

Contract signing

Customer signs the contract with the chosen lender and happily receives purchases


Simultaneous Requests

JO1N immediately sends requests to several lenders

Customer choice

Customer chooses the best suitable offer

Money transfer

The store receives money ASAP

More Lenders
Higher Chance to be Approved
Your Higher Sales

What is for merchants

Additional benefits

Boost of sales and revenue

By providing attractive financing options to customers

Enhancing customer loyalty

Through convenient and personalised financing solutions

Seamless integration

With existing systems, allowing for quick adoption and efficient implementation

Simplified management and tracking

Analyse and adjust your financing offers instantly

We believe that collaboration is the key to unlock new opportunities

JO1N our community of merchants and start offering multiple-lending financing options for your clients!

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Company description

Founded in 2019 by a group of retail and banking professionals

JO1N has quickly become a leading provider of digital solutions for in-store and online consumer finance. With an international presence and a diverse team of experts,

we are dedicated to helping retailers navigate the challenges of the digital age, empowering them to innovate and grow.

We are pleased to serve thousands merchants across Europe.