What is JO1N?

JO1N is a corporate start-up in the BNPL space. Our goal is to provide local businesses with pay overtime solution, higher authorization rates and decreased marketing costs.
Preparing for the launch in the UK, we focus on the following key areas:

a) SME BNPL services focused on local communities
b) One-stop solution to banks & financial institution right at the checkout
c) Safe QR lending in-store

Shall it be an in-store purchase, the customers will benefit from the same “one window to all offers”, while not wasting time at the physical checkout. Instead, the customer can just scan the QR code of the item and check-out in less than 3minutes at any location in the store.

How we differ and what’s the catch?

  • One window to many lenders – as a merchant, you are certain that you will get the best fee possible while financing the transactions of your customers. An inhouse built platform with API interoperability to a broad panel of lenders on JO1N’s back-end allows cutting the middle man costs while boosting the sales up to 30%.
  • Made for small and medium enterprises – predominantly focused on giant retailers, the current BNPL market is skipping the small and medium, yet very (if not the most) important businesses, ignoring the needs of simple and available technology.
  • Safe QR – QR lending proposition is something completely innovative for the UK. Imagine the opportunity of coming to the store, just scanning the QR code on that favourite t-shirt of yours and you are good to go? That’s what we are trying to propose. For the sake of transparency, it is important to note certain BNPL companies provide such kind of product, however, it is available only to the large retailers that (1) have advance register/till systems and (2) are ready to make expensive integration. We want to solve that issue while indirectly. Come, scan, collect, easy!

Are you guys regulated?

No need to apply for the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) licence to join our platform. A major change in the legislation (2015) made it possible to provide finance without an FCA licence if the following requirements are met:

– the number of instalments is no more than 12
– the agreement is for a fixed amount
– provider do not add interest or charges on for the customer

Still, we absolutely believe in and follow FCA principles of integrity and transparency by treating customers fairly at the core.
If customers’ application is successful, we pay you directly to your bank account via bank transfer within 72 hours each day.

When can I JO1N?

JO1N us on our journey and sign up to the mailing list to learn about our progress. Currently, we’re in the progress of integrating the top lenders to our platform and plan to open the doors to buyers and sellers in the next following months.

Something exciting

This blog will serve as a grounding point for introducing ourselves to you in the following months to come. We value transparency in our communication and want to share the progress with you, while the best-in-class product for small and medium local businesses making that extra sale count.
Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it worth your time, let us know if you’re interested in learning more about the latest features.

JO1N the game!