eCommerce Marathon | Part 4 | Final

Dear Subscriber, We are delighted to welcome you to a new article in our weekly blog. Over the past two months, we have tried to fulfil the program as much as possible and implement our plans for integrating our service into various popular e-commerce systems. Today, our list of tools includes integrated modules for credit […]

eCommerce Marathon | Part 3 | Magento

The last 2 weeks have been full of great news, including successful application into the FCA Regulatory Sandbox and a successful seed round. Long ago, we openly announced our intentions to enhance our current online tools with additional modules regularly. Magento e-commerce platform is one such handy tool that can be used by small and […]

eCommerce Marathon | Part 2 | Zen Cart

We are glad to announce another integration of the Zen Cart module into JO1N. Now, any merchant operating via Zen Cart will benefit from higher sales & conversion.  In today’s time, there is numerous open-source and e-commerce software available. It is a hard task to define the clear winner among the platforms as each has […]

eCommerce Marathon | Part 1 | OsCommerce

We believe that it would be symbolic to start our Marathon dedicated to e-commerce platforms with the article on OsCommerce. Launched in the 2000s, OsCommerce is the granddad of the majority of famous platforms such as Magento and has kicked off the era of eCommerce infrastructures worldwide. Today, OsCommerce also has a wide and enthusiastic […]

KYC: How we avoid fraud at JO1N

Almost every aspect of our everyday lives is becoming more convenient as everything has shifted to digital nowadays. Previously, there were only banks or FX shops to deal with finance-related operations, which at times would include extremely long waiting time. Now, giving our personal data for the sake of convenience and time saved. For example, […]