Why JO1N us?

Frankly speaking, there are many reasons to join if you are a buyer and want to have a smooth shopping experience, boost the sales of your store or get reliable borrowers for your lending organisation. But here is a list of few: Benefits for buyers It’s Quick. Sign up is smooth, don’t spend another minute […]

What is JO1N?

JO1N is a corporate start-up in the BNPL space. Our goal is to provide local businesses with pay overtime solution, higher authorization rates and decreased marketing costs.Preparing for the launch in the UK, we focus on the following key areas: a) SME BNPL services focused on local communitiesb) One-stop solution to banks & financial institution right at […]

Cultivating key principles that make us JO1N

There is a set of core values that run through JO1N. We care about our customers and employees equally, and we make sure to cultivate the most outstandable culture possible for all who engages & joins us.