Digital ID: a trend of the next decade?

In order for the company to perform well, the management has to make sound decisions based on performance, indicators and research. Thus, over the last decades, corporate data has been the focus of large companies. Microsoft, Salesforce, Magento and others helped companies to streamline in-house processes and structure the data. However, at the point where […]

Financial inclusion at JO1N

Article takeaway: the financial industry must understand that poverty is a fact, not every customer is within the prime category, and the key focus should be on understanding the core audience Starting from the 2000s, when the world started digitalising, discussing financial inclusion has become a cliché. Financial inclusion is about accessibility, we hear. So […]

What is GMV and why does eCommerce love it ❤️?

What is GMV and why everyone loves it? In the retailer reports, you can often see the data on GMV growth over time, especially for the BNPL companies. Let’s figure out what it is and why it is required. The indicator GMV (Gross Merchandise Value or gross value of goods) is the total value of […]

What do old school credit card lenders know about you?

Every time you make a purchase on a credit card or debit card, unlike the consumer finance or BNPL transaction, a record of that transaction is logged into a database of information collected by your credit card issuer. It is a common industry practice to analyse the data for trends. In exchange for the convenience […]

Consumer finance trends or where the industry will be in 5 years

Consumer finance is a subject that everyone has already faced or will soon face as an introduction to the subjects of personal finance and financial wellness. Nowadays, cheap, low-risk and household products-based loans (think of Klarna or Zip) are something that introduces first-time users to the world of lending and leads customers to more complicated […]

Are marketplaces our future?

Today we’d like to discuss the following topic: Why the future is about multi-offer solutions and how marketplaces empower consumers? It seems to be an obvious trend to see more and more services being constructed around one or another type of Marketplace. However, the number of parties against this tendency is also staying sufficient. So […]

JO1N’s FCA Sandbox application journey

We are pleased to announce that JO1N has officially been accepted to the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s Regulatory Sandbox which allows firms to test innovative offerings in a live environment. More information on the FCA’s sandbox can be found here. As part of the sandbox, we will be part of cohort 7 and will […]

Open Banking: good or bad?

In this article, you will learn how, as a consumer credit firm you can apply open banking data to understand borrowers better in these uncertain times. The consumer credit landscape is changing rapidly due to globalization and pandemics making it impossible for lenders to continue business as usual while still relying on traditional credit bureau […]

JO1N: Advantages of a consumer finance broker

Our holistic approach Attempting to offer the cheaper credit option for the buyers and SME businesses at the same time requires deep expertise in dealing with merchants of such size. We have experience in dealing with SME’s and strategy in place to bring that “right at the checkout” lending comparison tool to the UK, so […]

What is BNPL and why it rocks?

Buy now, pay later is a simple concept: instead of buyers paying at the till or online checkout, the BNPL provider pays the retailer for the buyer. The buyer then agrees to pay the BNPL provider back over a few weeks or months, meaning the buyer can spread out buyer shopping costs. It simply means […]